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Set up parking lot light repair or installation services in Jacksonville, FL

Businesses have to keep their parking lot well-lit. If you need to install new lights or repair lights in your parking lot that are malfunctioning, reach out to the team at Hart Electric Company. We provide comprehensive parking lot light installation and repair services in Jacksonville, FL.

Don't let your employees or customers navigate your parking lot in the dark. Set up parking lot light repair or installation services today by calling 904-240-1828.

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Why is lighting your parking lot so important?

Parking lot lights are essential for most commercial spaces. There are many reasons to set up parking lot light installation or repair services with Hart Electric Company immediately, including:

  • A well-lit parking lot is more inviting for customers and clients.
  • Lights can help to deter criminal activity in your parking lot.
  • Lights will help drivers and pedestrians avoid curbs and potholes.

Parking lot light repair and installation services aren't a luxury for businesses, they're a necessity. If someone is harmed or injured in your parking lot due to inadequate lighting, you could be liable. Protect your business and keep your employees and customers safe by scheduling a consultation with Hart Electric Company in Jacksonville, FL today.

New LED fixtures starting at $395.00 each. To learn more, call us today!